We speak to Shaheer Atif who is on the Dyson Engineering Degree Apprenticeship Programme. We talk in detail about his experience on the scheme, living away from home and get a real insight into what it's like being a degree apprentice at Dyson and the interesting experiences he's had on this particular programme.

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We discuss:  

- His career journey starting from his experience at secondary school to applying for Medicine then suddenly leaving his Medicine application

- Exploring the different engineering degree options at Uni and what led him to apply for the Dyson engineering degree apprenticeship which combines different elements of engineering

- The transition and experience of leaving college and leaving the diverse area of East London to the not so diverse town of Malmesbury

- The running of the 4 year programme and how it works

- Machine Learning Engineering and what that is

- Building a routine around salah

- The different cool things he's been up to at Dyson

- Overview of the application process

- Careers advice to Young Muslims, what skills to focus on & much more!

You can find & connect with Shaheer on LinkedIn. 

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