We speak to our first ever guest Osama Qayyum. We talk in detail about his experience on the Summer Diversity Internship Programme (SDIP) and his interesting experience taking a placement year which ended up working in Brussels. 

We discuss:

  •  Osama's new role at No 10!
  •  What lead him to apply for SDIP
  •  The difference in experience compared to his placement
  •  The process of elimination when trying to discover what sort career or role you enjoy
  •  Leaving his placement early and ending up working in Brussels  
  •  The number of rejections he faced and the importance of Dua and resilience
  •  Insight into the running of the SDIP programme
  •  Advice on how to be best prepped for an internship and how to make the most of one and ways to leave a good impression
  • Should unpaid internships be considered or avoided?
  • Creative way to build experience on your CV and final words of advice from Osama


You can find, connect and ask questions to Osama on LinkedIn.

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