We speak to Umayr Tanveer who is on the BT Software Development/Engineering Degree Apprenticeship Programme. We talk in detail about his experience on the scheme and get a real insight into what it's like being a degree apprentice at BT on this particular programme.

We discuss:  

- His career journey from the age of 7 moving to Egypt for a few years

- Failing in year 12 and how that gave him the drive to want to succeed
- Degree Apprenticeship - the best of both worlds and why he wasn't interested in Uni

- Why he chose the BT apprenticeship over other options
- The transition from leaving college to employment and adapting to a whole new environment
- His BT induction and getting to pray in the room of a famous sports presenter!
- His day to day at BT pre COVID and during COVID, what a 'sprint' (digital/agile way of working) is actually like
- His experience at the assessment centre and advice on how one can be best prepared for Apprenticeship assessments
- Careers advice to Young Muslims, what skills to focus on for apprenticeships & much more!

You can find & connect with Umayr on LinkedIn and Instagram (UmayrOfficial)


This episode was recorded in September.

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