We speak to Haseeb Irfan who is on the BT Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship Programme. We talk in detail about his experience on the scheme and get a real insight into what it's like being a management degree apprentice at BT on this particular programme.

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We discuss:  

- Being the 10th Guest I've interviewed!

- His initial interest in becoming a pilot

- Going all out applying for degree apprenticeships as soon as he discovered there was such a thing

- How the programme works and discussing beginning a role in management as an Apprentice which isn't the usual pathway one takes

- Transitioning to corporate life and figuring things out like the dress code and asking for things

- Importance of Muslims in management roles and having that representation

- Day to day life at BT, his role and the support and opportunities offered on the programme

- Practical tips on what to expect at assessment centres including video interviews and general interview questions

- Careers advice to Young Muslims, what to focus on when applying for apprenticeships & advice on how to make the most of an apprenticeship & much more!

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