In this Episode we talk through an actual competency/behaviour interview that was recorded to give you a real insight into an interview for a Civil Service SEO grade role. We go through and review each example and the scores given as well as useful practical tips to give you a real idea of how to approach an interview and build on this real life example to increase your chances of success at interviews. 


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From preparation to the interview questions to post interview question we cover:


- Analysing Job spec to get an idea of what questions could come up

- Set up

- Conversation/Break the ice

Following competencies/behaviour/motivation questions:

- What you are currently doing and the why question

- Changing and improving

- Communicating and influencing

- Working together

- Developing yourself and others

Strength questions:

- Team player

- Motivator

- Influencing

- Leadership/Decision making

Questions to ask and requesting feedback

This isn't an exhaustive list of things you can do to be best prepped for an interview, this episode however is a walkthrough a real life interview which will give you plenty of useful insight and advice to work with. 

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