We speak to Abdul Malik who is a Hospital Pharmacist. We talk in detail about his career journey beginning from college & we get a real insight into what it's like working in Pharmacy and the different types of it you can get into.

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We discuss:  

- Abdul Malik's career journey starting from college, facing the cultural expectations, a setback at AS Level to getting into the Pharmacy role he was aiming for!
- We give a shout out to exam solutions
- The different type of Pharmacy roles there are from Community to Hospital
- What a day to day life of a Pharmacist looks like before and during COVID-19
- The importance of compassion and being able to code switch when speaking to different people
- Viewing careers holistically as a Muslim and seeing the bigger picture
- Advice and insight to young Muslims on the journey to securing their first role and potential future changes to the process & Much more

You can find & connect with Abdul Malik through the Jollof After Jummah Podcast Channels.

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