We speak to Sahar Beg who is the founder of Mindworks UK and has several years of experience in the world of Psychotherapy Counselling, she also founded and runs the Tooting Community Kitchen. We talk in detail about her career journey going back to University and get a great insight into the different roles she does in Psychotherapy Counselling.

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We discuss:  

- Mindworks UK and the Tooting Soup Kitchen
- What led her to the role of psychotherapy counselling, how it all started and how finding Islam played a key part
- Mental Health in the Muslim Community and why this issue is so important
- What a typical day looks like and the different roles she does
- The different types of therapy
- Putting your self care first so you can truly help and lead others
- Different routes to becoming Psychotherapy Counselling and resources to help you
- Advice to Young Muslims thinking about a career in this field and what to really consider & much more!

You can find & connect with Sahar on LinkedIn.

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